Ben Livingston – Music for Meditation Now available for Bicycle Day

music for meditation.pngBen Livingston released a new album entitled Music for Meditation today in honor of bicycle day. This is a long, meditative, subtle work; perfect for meditation, yoga, or typical bicycle day type activities

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Earthship Records Sampler Tapes

We created a sampler tape of all the music that will be available through Earthship Records this year. This tape featured the artists Tree Palace, Aaron Perez and Ben Livingston, Interns, American Native, The Telegraph Salesmen, Aphra Behn, Relatives, and Dr. Brawmwood. These tapes were distributed for free to anyone who was interested and we got a great response! We are now officially out of tapes and I would like to thank everyone who was interested.Screenshot_2017-04-11-14-13-19.png